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Bhool Bhulaiya Lucknow Entry Fee

  • 50 per person for Adults
  • 20 per person for Children
  • 300 per person for Foreigners
  • 500 per person for Foreigners (inclusive of Bara Imambara, Chhota Imambara, Picture Gallery, Shahi Hamam)
  • 100 Guide charges for two people
  • 10 for Digital Camera
  • 25 for Video Camera

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Bhool Bhulaiya Lucknow Address: Near Machchhi Bhavan, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, 226003, India

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Tuesday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Thursday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sunday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
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The city of Nawabs and its good food is one of the many exciting top tourist destinations of Uttar Pradesh and the current capital. The city's beauty cannot be defined in words but experienced in real life.

Every year the city attracts a crowd of visitors from across borders. One of the popular tourist spots in Lucknow, the 200-year-old Labyrinth inside the Bada Imambara, steals the show. It is frequently referred to as the Bhool Bhulaiya, probably the only one in India. Its interesting architecture was created to support the Bara Imambara's enormous central hall.

Architecture of Bhool Bhulaiya

Bhool Bhulaiya is a section of Lucknow's Bara Imambara. More than 1,000 corridors and around 489 similar entrances make up the "Bhool Bhulaiya."

Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula decided to build the central hall without any supporting columns. He desired to erect a sizable mosque for communal prayer. The Central Hall, which is 170 feet x 55 feet x 15 feet, was constructed with no supporting columns.

The architect Kifayatullah made the brilliant decision to make the ceiling hollow to lighten its weight. The central hall's design was taken into consideration when building the Bhool Bhulaiya.

#Trivia: Imambara's design was chosen through a competitive process. The winner was an architect from Delhi named Kifayatullah, buried in the Imambara's main hall alongside the Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula.

The Bhool Bhulaiya in Bara Imambara in Lucknow is a labyrinth of intricately intertwined tunnels, with one path branching into many others. The entire structure was built uniquely. Windows have been strategically placed, so there is always enough light and ventilation during the day.

Image Gallery of Bhool Bhulaiya Lucknow

History of Bhool Bhulaiya, Lucknow

A famine ravaged Lucknow in 1784. The severity of it placed the average person in a state of poverty. Both the lower classes and the aristocrats had trouble finding food.

The Nawab of Awadh at the time was Asaf-ud-Daula. He had a reputation for being an unambitious man who enjoyed drinking and had odd interests. But he also had a reputation for being kind.

He ordered the building of Bara Imambara so that the underprivileged and unemployed may make money. The construction continued throughout the famine, which lasted for over ten years.

According to legend, during the famine, the noblemen would tear down the constructions that the laborers had built in the morning, ensuring that no one went without work. The Nawab employed nearly 20,000 people to build the spectacular Imambara. The imposing and majestic structure was finished after approximately ten years of work.

The Asafi Imambara is another name for this site of worship for Shia Muslims. For various events, particularly the Muharram, they congregate at the Imambara.

The roof of Bhool Bhulaiya

The roof, with its beautifully crafted windows called jharokhas, is a lovely spot. Numerous arched entrances open up on both sides of the building, providing views of Lucknow and the rest of the campus. On the rooftop, you can see the Rumi Darwaza, Asifi Masjid, Hussainabad Clock Tower, and an incredible perspective of Lucknow along the Gomti River.

Mystery of the Bhool Bhulaiya

You arrive at the entrance of Bhool Bhulaiya by ascending 45 stairs. The actual puzzle lies right here.

There are only two legitimate exits from the Labyrinth. Therefore you must find one of them. It is claimed that choosing the right route requires one to follow the sun.

From outside the Bhool Bhulaiya, one can access the central hall. This hall was constructed using unique methods. You can hear the other person perfectly light a match from one end of the balcony while you are standing at the opposite end of the room. The channels carved out in the ceiling make this feasible. They enable sound to pass between them from one end to the other. It truly is a marvelous creation.

The walls of the tunnels are cleverly constructed. When you lean against the wall and strain your ears closely against it, you can hear someone speaking into the wall from a distance. You'll be amazed at how you can hear every word they murmur. According to legend, this is how people in ancient days overheard discussions. And this wall demonstrates the truth of the proverb, "even walls have ears."

Entry fee and timing to Bhool Bhulaiya, Lucknow

The Bhool Bhulaiya or the Labyrinth ticket costs Rs. 50 per person for Indians and Rs. 500 per person for foreigners.

You can schedule a visit to the Bhool Bhulaiya at any time of the year because it is open every day of the week. The Labyrinth is accessible to visitors from 9 am to 5 pm on all days except Mondays.

Best time to visit Bhool Bhulaiya, Lucknow

Summers in Lucknow are particularly hot and should be avoided because of the subtropical climate's excessive temperatures. It is possible to travel to Lucknow from July to September; however, rainy weather may make your preparations for the day a little more difficult.

Therefore, the winter months of October through March are the best for visiting Lucknow. Even though trains and flights may occasionally be delayed due to fog in December and January, the weather is generally excellent for sightseeing.

#Trivia: Winter temperatures can drop as low as 7-8°C, and the average remains between 8°C and 18°C, so be sure to bring warm clothing with you.

How to reach Bhool Bhulaiya, Lucknow?

Lucknow is a popular destination accessible by air, rail, and road. International flights connect Lucknow with foreign locations, including Dubai, Jeddah, Bangkok, etc.

By Air: Chaudhary Charan Singh Airport, 14 kilometers from Lucknow in Amausi, is the closest airport to the city.

By Rail: The Lucknow railway station is situated in Charbagh. The city is traversed by the Shatabdi, Rajdhani, Double Decker, Gharib Rath, superfast, fast mail, and express trains.

By Road: You can board UPSRTC buses or private buses to travel to Lucknow. The buses travel to numerous locations, including Kanpur, Allahabad, Delhi, and Jaipur. The bus stop is next to the Charbagh train station, a famous landmark of Lucknow.

You can take a tonga or a cab from top car rental companies in Lucknow to Bhool Bhulaiya.


  • It is best to have a guide with you. They share a lot of fascinating tales with us, which keeps us entertained.
  • The Bara Imambara requires you to remove your shoes before entering.
  • Since it is an enclosed structure, you may experience claustrophobia if you are afraid of enclosed spaces.
  • Carry water, as you may have to spend 2 to 3 hours exploring this monument.
  • Keep in mind that the Bhool Bhulaiya has a whispering gallery with incredible acoustics on one side.

Places to visit near the Bhool Bhulaiya

The Chhota Imambara, the Baoli or stepwell, the Asifi mosque, and numerous more structures are vying for your attention. So, cover these delightful points while visiting the Bhool Bhulaiya.

1. Chota Imambara: Imambara Hussainabad Mubarak is another name for Chota Imambara. Mohammad Ali Shah, the third Nawab of Awadh, constructed the Imambara. In this location, Shia Muslims observe the mourning season during Muharram.

2. Baoli: The Baoli, often called Shahi Hammam, contains a five-story step well. Direct access exists between the step well and Gomti. Three of the five stories are above water, and two are below.

3. Asafi Mosque: Nawab Asaf-ud-Daulah built the Asafi Masjid inside the Bara Imambara. The mosque was built entirely of non-iron materials. To the right of the Bara Imambara's gate is the mosque.

4. Rumi Darwaza: According to the British, Rumi Darwaza is also referred to as the Turkish Gate. The distance between Rumi Darwaza and Bara Imambara, which is only 0.3 kilometers distant, is 60 feet.

Each time you visit Lucknow, the city will gradually win you over. The city is a true treat for everyone with its majestic architecture, tonga rides, and cuisine. And certainly, Bhool Bhulaiya at Bara Imambara in Lucknow, like many others, is a popular tourist destination in the city.

With innumerable interesting facts and the enigma surrounding Bhool Bhulaiya in Lucknow, a visit is a must. Book a Lucknow tour package with Lucknow Tourism, a division of Holidays DNA and visit every inch of this lovely and distinctive structure with your family and friends. To get in touch with us, please fill the Contact Us form.

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