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Husainabad Clock Tower Lucknow Address: Hussainabad Road, Husainabad, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, 226003, India

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The renowned Hussainabad Clock Tower is another popular tourist spot of Lucknow with its rich heritage and intricate beauty.

The Hussainabad neighbourhood of Lucknow is home to the historic Hussainabad Clock Tower. After Sir George Cooper, the first lieutenant governor of the United Provinces of Oudh, arrived, the Hussainabad Trust constructed it. The bell tower is one of the most exquisite examples of British architecture.

The highest clock tower in India, also known as Ghantaghar, is one of the most popular tourist spots in Lucknow.

About Husainabad Clock Tower

Built in the late 19th century, the clock tower is an architectural marvel and a prominent landmark in the city. The tower's intricate design and construction, including the clock mechanism, are a testament to the craftsmanship of the time.

The clock tower's proximity to the Hussainabad Imambara, another significant tourist attraction in Lucknow, makes it an ideal destination for tourists exploring the city.

Visiting the Husainabad Clock Tower during festivals like Eid, Independence Day, and Republic Day is particularly special. The tower is illuminated with colourful lights, adding to its grandeur and appeal.

History of Husainabad Clock Tower

The history of Husainabad Clock Tower dates back to the late 19th century, during the reign of Nawab Nasir-ud-Din Haider, the third Nawab of Awadh. Husainabad Clock Tower's construction began in 1880 and was completed in 1881.

It was built to commemorate the arrival of Sir George Cooper, the Lieutenant Governor of the United Province of Avadh and Oudh. Roskell Payne, a British architect, designed the clock tower, and its construction was carried out by the Lucknow-based contractor Khan Bahadur Mirza Jan.

Over the years, Husainabad Clock Tower has undergone several renovations and restorations to maintain its structural integrity. In 2016, the Uttar Pradesh government initiated a project to restore the clock tower to its former glory, as it had fallen into disrepair.

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Architecture of Husainabad Clock Tower

The architecture of Husainabad Clock Tower is a beautiful blend of Mughal and Victorian styles. The tower stands tall at 221 feet (67 metres) and has a diameter of 13 feet (4 metres). It is made of red bricks and adorned with intricate stucco work, ornamental plasterwork, and beautiful designs.

The clock tower has a square-shaped base, and as it rises, it gradually becomes octagonal. The tower's base is adorned with beautiful arches and intricate carvings, while the upper section features intricate designs and ornamental plasterwork.

The tower's four dials measure 15 feet in diameter and are pure white marble. Renowned clockmaker Carl Bernard Schwarz built the clock mechanism in the tower, which still functions today, maintaining its accuracy.

At the top of the tower is a beautiful dome-shaped structure, topped with a finial. The finial is made up of a golden ball, which is believed to be filled with mercury, and it is said that the ball rotates when the tower sways during an earthquake.

Entry fee and timing to Husainabad Clock Tower

There is no entry fee or time to visit the clock tower. It is openly accessible to the public daily.

Best time to visit Husainabad Clock Tower

The best time to visit the Husainabad Clock Tower in Lucknow is during the winter months, between October and March. During this time, the weather in Lucknow is pleasant, and the temperature is relatively low, making it ideal for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

The festive season in Lucknow, which includes Diwali, Eid, and Christmas, makes it an exciting time to visit the clock tower. Tourists can see the illuminated clock tower and the city decorated with lights during these festivals.

How to reach Husainabad Clock Tower?

Husainabad Clock Tower is located in the heart of Lucknow city, and it's easily accessible by various modes of transportation. The nearest airport and railway stations are around 15 km and 3 km from the clock tower. Visitors can hire a taxi from top car rental companies in Lucknow or bus to reach the clock tower.

Local buses, auto-rickshaws, and taxis are readily available in Lucknow. Visitors can use any of these modes of transportation to reach the clock tower from anywhere in the city. Additionally, Lucknow Metro Rail, operational in the city, has a station near the clock tower, making it easier for visitors to reach it via public transport.

Husainabad clock tower is a landmark of Lucknow and attracts thousands of tourists and locals all year round. With a grandeur that emanates from every corner and the gorgeousness of the city comes to life with the clock tower.

An unmissable tourist spot of Lucknow, the Husainabad clock tower adds another location to be ticked off your itinerary. Book a Lucknow tour package with Lucknow Tourism, a division of Holidays DNA and make the most of your tour. To get in touch with us, please fill the Contact Us form.

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